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Christian Codes
Christian Hughes Headshot

👋 Hi, I'm Christian!

Software Engineer, building
Developer Tools & Design Systems.

You'll find me working on the web at Dropbox in beautiful Nashville, TN.

🤓 Recently Published

Building a Blog with Next.js, Tailwind, & MDX

Building a blog is easy with the trifecta of Next.js, Tailwind, and MDX!

💻 Recent Work

@ Dropbox

  • Stay tuned, I'm excited to share what I'm working on!

@ Ramsey Solutions

  • 🧰 Built out front-end tooling for the CMS Platform, serving millions of users each month.
  • 🖌️ Developed architecture for robust cross-platform Design System across React, Ruby on Rails, and more (closed-source for now 😉).
  • 👨‍💻 Collaborated on Front-End Standards, and scaled Technical Interviewing to grow the in-house team of 140+ developers.

Lately I've been diving deep into the React ecosystem — the developer experience offered by frameworks like Next.js and Gatsby is exceptional.

Feel free to learn some more about me, or check out my resume.